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A View of the Border

This is the map illustrating The Rule of the Land: Walking Ireland's Border. I have reorganised the elements and the text, creating a new version suitable for display as a single print measuring 70 by 78 centimetres. If you're interested in a copy please visit the map page.

Detail from A View of the Border by Garrett Carr

Border People's Manifesto

Hunderds of statements about life on Ireland's border were written during the Border People's Parliament, on 20th October 2018, when 150 border people met at Northern Ireland's Parliament Buildings. The event was part of Across and In-Between by Suzanne Lacy, commissioned by 14-18 NOW and the Belfast International Arts Festival. One of my roles was to draft the Yellow Manifesto from the written statements. The result, according to one commentator, is a “Poetry of reasonable voices”. During 2022 the manifesto will be exhibited in Manchester's Whitworth Gallery and in Düsseldorf's Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen.

The Yellow Manifesto
See the manifesto more closely here. I wrote about the creation of the manifesto for The Conversation.

The Border People's Parliament
The Border People's Parliment took place in October 2018.

Other News:

It is a great honour to be one of ten people selected to be part of a showcase of UK writers asking the questions that will shape our future. Thanks to Owen Sheers for chosing me and thanks also to the National Centre for Writing, the British Council and the Arts Council. Coverage from the Guardian.

The Cultural Afterlife of Ruins is a Creative Writing project I've been running with Making the Future. The resulting work is of a high standard and we hope to make it available in some way. Watch this space.


“Great writing about landscape and history” Colm Tóibín
"Packed with interest – varied and fun to read" TLS
"It is Carr's contention that Ireland is more divided than any of us suspected — not in two but in three: north, south and borderland. The third state is opened up in this marvellous book" The Daily Telegraph
“Carr has the eye of a scientist, and a poet’s facility with words” Irish Independent
"Reminiscent of Tim Robinson's response to landscape and what dwells within" Sunday Times
"A sensitive portrait of the people of these borderlands, and his maps of the route are full of unexpected, lively detail" Radio Times

Shortlisted for the Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year Award

A BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week


I am a frequent contributor to the press and to TV programmes, as well as making radio broadcasts.

Here are pieces I wrote lately for the Guardian, New York Times and the New Statesman.

The half-hour documentary CHARTING THE BORDER was based on my border surveys and the creation of THE MAP OF CONNECTIONS. Click here to hear CHARTING THE BORDER on BBC Radio 4.

For THE SILENCE AND THE SCREAM I went in search of a radical free-thinking commune which broke the silence of a rural Donegal community in the 1970s.

Short stories written for broadcast include THE ORACLE AT GLENCOLUMBKILLE and HARD STATION. I have also presented a epsiode of The Book Show for RTE.


THE BADNESS OF BALLYDOG is an adventure story for young people from nine years and up. Along with my second novel LOST DOGS it was included in reads of the year lists in both The Times and The Irish Independent. DEEP DEEP DOWN completed the trilogy. The books are published by Simon & Schuster. See my page on Amazon or Goodreads.

"A born storyteller"
The Times
"Carr's writing is a joy – confident, muscular and fearless"
The Irish Independent
"Cracking story"
The Irish Times


Prints of these maps can be purchased on the map page.

THE MAP OF CONNECTIONS 3.1 charts unofficial border crossings: the stepping stones, footbridges and muddy lanes I found when walking the border. More on the map page.

FICTIONAL ULSTER locates Ulster’s fictional places – villages, townlands, mountains and other places invented by writers down through the years. More here.

A VIEW OF THE BORDER is the map that illustrates my book about Ireland's frontier. Prints of this map can also be purchased on the map page.


Maps of Northern Ireland are often used to illustrate traditional political divisions, but they conceal a much more nuanced place. This landscape, rural and urban, is much more than a site of conflict. I brought together diverse mapmakers: local historians, activists, artists, geographers and urban planners for a show of maps called MAPPING ALTERNATIVE ULSTER. Its next run will be in Donegal in 2022. The exhibition re-thinks our representation on maps.

From the comments book:
Both fascinating and inspiring ... very impressive, pluralist approach ... It seems the people of Northern Ireland have a special kind of love for their land, and desire to map it ... A wonderful and imaginative exhibiton ...

There's an exhibition website.


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THE RULE OF THE LAND is published by Faber & Faber.

THE BADNESS OF BALLYDOG, LOST DOGS and DEEP DEEP DOWN are published by Simon & Schuster.

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